Hi everybody!

My name is Maha. Nice to meet you! I'm 14 and I'm here to talk about everything I love; books, books, books, and TV shows. You probably guessed it, it's a bookblog (a blog made to talk about books).
I love books (obviously). Seriously, I can talk about them for hours!
I thought why not put some random things about me (personnal, bookish, random...), so here I am:

  • My favorite genre is Fantasy, even though I do love Science-Fiction and some contemporary books.
  • My favorite authors are: Sarah J. Maas, John Green and Cassandra Clare.
  • My favorite TV shows are Teen Wolf and Doctor Who. 
  • I started a blog because I wanted to share my experience with people from all around the world, and meet bookbloggers, and bookstagramers (people running an Instagram account for book).
  • When I get a new book, I open it and smell it (am I the only one?).
  • I love discussions, especially when it comes to something related to the book community.
  • I always tell myself I'll start doing tags. I still didn't get around to do a lot.

I think that's it. Thank you for taking some time to get to know me better! I really hope you enjoy it here, happy reading!

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  1. OMG! Yes- for Teen Wolf because all the werewolfs are amazing!! *makes hearts eyes* Do you ship Stydia? I love Cassandra Clare too and John Green!
    Alicia http://hashtaglovebooks.com/

    1. This is a long story. At first, I shipped Stydia, then I shipped Stiles with Malia (idk what the ship name is), and now i'm shipping Stydia again :D

    2. Ahahah Yes! I'm just about to click play on the latest episode!


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