Saturday, January 23, 2016

Playlist of The Book: Favorite series

Playlist of The Book is an every-two-weeks meme hosted by Sam (Literary Lover) and me. Click here for more info about it.

It's the first Playlist of The Book post!!

I'm very interested to see how this meme is going to develop, and I'm also excited for this post, because today's topic is Favorite Series! Basically, I'm going to pick up books that remind me of my favorite series, or name-of-your-favorite-series themed.

So, my favorite series... What is my favorite series?

I have a lot of favorite series: Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices, Delirium... So it was a little difficult to choose, that's why I went with the series that most of us love: Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is always on my mind. And I usually listen to music. That's why every song I listen too reminds me of Harry Potter and Hogwarts, even if it doesn't have any relation with what happens in the books and the movies.

So when I looked for songs I listen to that have a relation with Harry Potter, I didn't find a lot of them. In fact, I found seven songs.

That's why this playlist is a little bit short.
The titles are linked to the video of the song on YouTube.Because I don't have a Spotify account.

Without further do, here are some songs that remind me of Harry Potter:

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape... Okay, this may not be an actual song, but let's just say it's one.
This does not just remind me of Harry Potter. IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST HARRY POTTER THEMED SONG I'VE EVER HEARD. Who's this genius? 
But right now it also reminds me of Alan Rickman, and it makes me sad.

This is a video I found on Youtube where someone sings The Sorting Hat song, and oh my god it's so beautifully sang, you have to check it out! I started crying when I first heard it.

See You Again - Charlie Puth & Wiz Khalifa
I know this song is from Fast & Furious, but I don't really know why it reminds me of Harry Potter, maybe because of the lyrics...

Never Be Alone - Shawn Mendes
This reminds me of Lily Potter. Again because of the lyrics...
Also, if you haven't listened to any of Shawn Mendes songs: GO DO IT NOW.

Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor & John Legend
This song reminds me of Ron and Hermione. It also reminds me that I shipped them from the beginning. ROMIONE ALL THE WAY.

I Was Made For Loving You - Tori Kelly & Ed Sheeran
This also reminds me of Romione... I love them. So much. They're just so funny together, and... *sigh*.

Lego House - Ed Sheeran
The music video has Rupert Grint in it. Seriously, how can this not remind me of Harry Potter.

Here it is, my favorite series playlist (and me fangirling over it). It was a really hard work to put all these links *sigh*.

Hope you enjoyed this post. And I hope you had fun with making a playlist for PoTB (Playlist of The Book) if you did.

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  1. I love this idea! Weekly playlists are kinda hard to do...fortnightly ones though, they sound doable! I might sign up in the future! I love your music choices for this :) Especially Potter Puppet Pals haha xD I'm listening to the Shawn Mendes song right now - I'm a sucker for anything Lily/James/Jily related!
    Geraldine @ Corralling Books

    1. Thank you so much! I'd love to see YOUR playlist! And Shawn Mendes is AMAZING.


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