Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fan Art #1

So as you can see, I decided I'll start to make some fan art, because why not? I've seen a lot of AMAZING designs for downloadable bookmarks, wallpapers, mugs, etc. and I wanted to make some too!
So I'm still not a professional in it, so tell me your impressions on this first bookmark. This bookmark is made with Canva, a website in which you can design graphics. It's really fun! It's the website in which I make my new header images too.


I love big books BOOKMARK 1
I love big books BOOKMARK 2

You can download them, of course, and you can also print them. if you do, make sure to tag me or mention me so I can see my work -I really want to see what it looks like inside the book you're currently reading. That would be super cool, right?
I'm going to try and make more fan art in the future -that's why there's the #1 in the post. There usually will be bookmarks, but, if I get inspiration, I will also make wallpapers for phones and laptops. It's usually going to be quotes from/about books.

Which quote/book you want me to make a Fan Art of? Comment below!

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