Saturday, December 26, 2015

I switched to Blogger

Hi everybody!

You're probably here because I shared this post on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. I was a Wordpress user, but I switched to Blogger.
Before starting a blog, I searched for the best website to make a blog, and everybody was saying Wordpress is the best, so I started a blog on Wordpress. I wasn't satisfied with it, but I told myself it's just the begining, maybe you didn't discover all the secrets of Wordpress. But it had been 6 months that I started it, and I still wasn't satisfied with it. I wasn't completely free in customizing and designing my blog, and I didn't like it.
So I started looking for other website to make another blog, and I found Blogger. After asking a lot of questions to Ccovertocover (sorry again Claire XD), I knew that with Blogger, you're free in designing your blog, and you just need a base theme. That's why I made one.
My blog now is still a little "empty", and I'm going to be importing my most important posts from Wordpress, so that will be a busy week. After that, I'll delete the other blog.
I'm so sorry for this change, but I'm trying my best to be satisfied with what I make.



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